Where to Sell Used Clothes Online In 2022

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Where to sell used clothes online? It’s time to start a closet purge if you have a lot of clothes, shoes, and handbags that you never wear. According to the famous Marie Kondo, organizing your wardrobe can not only “spark joy,” but it can also help you save money by selling your clothes, especially if they are from a designer label and in good condition.

Although you could donate your clothes, I have made hundreds of dollars online selling the gently used clothes in my family.
Having said that, knowing where to sell your clothes best can help you get the most money. Whether it means avoiding high seller fees or reaching the right customer base, choosing the right sites for what you have can result in a significantly higher payout.

How to sell clothes online?

Read this advice to help you get the most money for your products before using one of the sites listed above.
Make your products more appealing:

Wash or dry-clean your things prior to putting them available:

Polish shoes and handbags’ hardware and remove any scuff marks.
Also, pack things carefully so they won’t get wrinkled or damaged in transit.

Capture crisp images:

Bright, clear images will help your products stand out in a sea of iPhone snapshots that are poorly lit on websites that require you to post your own photos. Phil Azzi, who started an online store to sell bracelets, scarves, and other accessories, recommends placing your clothing on a flat, plain surface and pointing a few lamps at it to reduce shadows.

Write a genuine account:

Everything they need to know about the product you’re selling should be disclosed to potential buyers. Include both basic and more nuanced information about the size, brand, and condition. Does a pair of jeans have a low hip profile? Is the fabric stretchy or heavy? In your product description, include these particulars.

Scratches and scuffs are common features of well-loved items. Your reputation and seller rating, which are crucial in some consignment communities, will be protected if any defects are disclosed in advance.

Sell clothes at a price:

Karis Renee, who has been selling clothes, jewelry, and accessories on Poshmark for several years, says that doing a little competitive research will help you find the sweet spot for pricing your products, which is not too high or low. Try lowering the price if your merchandise does not move. Are you hesitant to mark your item down? Change your description and photo.

List Of where to sell used clothes online


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Best for Name Brands


Best for Ease-of-Use


Best for a Large Customer Base


Best for Niche Brands


where to sell used clothes online

Poshmark is a well-known website for reselling designer handbags, shoes, and clothing. Apparel doesn’t have to be made by a designer; rather, consumers are those who are interested in the newest fashions.

Designers like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and luxury brands like Reformation and Aritzia are two examples of popular name brands. However, buyers are also interested in fast-fashion brands like Zara and H&M.The focus is primarily on clothing for women, but you can also list items for men, kids, and the home. Additionally, you can market pet accessories.

Other features include:

1. Poshmark has a social media component that lets you promote your products through themed Posh Parties that are held on a regular basis. You can submit items that fit the party’s theme, and Poshmark will feature them for quicker sales.

2. The sale price is subject to negotiation because buyers can make an offer.

3. For all items under $15, Poshmark charges a $2.95 seller fee and 20% of the sale price for items over $15.

4. The buyer is responsible for paying the flat rate of $7.45 for shipping all apparel up to 5 pounds. To mail your items, Poshmark provides you with a pre-paid USPS shipping label. Poshmark takes a cut of the seller’s profits from shipping costs for orders over 5 pounds.

5. Poshmark deposits the funds into your account immediately after the buyer receives and approves their purchase (they have three days to do so).


where to sell used clothes online

The majority of home resellers find Mercari useful.
First, it is easy to use: Simply upload a few images, include a description, and set a price. Then, wait for buyers to start taking your merchandise. In addition, you can list everything from women’s clothes, shoes, and handbags to men’s and kids’ clothes and accessories for sale.

You can also sell things in your closet other than clothes, like the coffee mug collection from kind coworkers, the flute you haven’t played since middle school, and the creepy antique dolls your mother gave you. In essence, anything that can fit in a box is acceptable.

And even if it doesn’t, a new service called Mercari Local lets you sell a lot of bulk items for a flat fee of $10.99 to an Uber driver who can pick them up and deliver them to your buyer’s doorstep within two hours of buying them.

Other features include:

1. The listing of a garment for sale is free, and sellers only pay a flat fee of 10% when an item sells, in addition to a payment processing fee of about 3%, which is the typical fee charged by payment processors like PayPal.

2. In order to save you an average of 63% on postage, Mercari negotiates rates with all of the common shipping companies. You can also choose to pay for shipping based on the actual rate or pay a flat fee. Additionally, you decide whether you or the buyer will pay for shipping.

3. Since its app has been downloaded by over 50 million people, Mercari has a lot of built-in customers.


where to sell used clothes online

ThredUp is the easiest way to make extra money without putting in a lot of effort. You only need to order a clean-out kit from the website, then put your old clothes in a bag, drop them off at the post office or FedEx, or make a free pickup appointment. You can print a prepaid shipping label if you want to avoid waiting for a kit. Regardless, shipping is free.

They take care of everything else, including taking pictures, setting prices, listing your items for sale, interacting with buyers, sorting your clothes to see which ones are worth reselling, and so on. Therefore, all you have to do on your end is send your belongings.
The website warns that it only accepts less than 40% of e-mails sent for resale by the average person. ThredUp’s standards are high. The clothes must have just been washed and be brand-new or like new, with no damage, wear marks, or alterations. Therefore, pay close attention to your clothing.

You can return your clothing for $10.99 if ThredUp does not accept it. Alternatively, you can avoid having your clothes end up in a landfill by recycling them, which won’t pay you anything. Alternatively, you can give away your entire bag, and ThredUp will donate $5 to the charity of your choice.

Other features include:

1. If the buyer does not return the item within that time frame, you will be paid within 14 days of the date of sale.

2. Brand and consignment window payouts differ. For instance, you can earn between 60% and 80% on clothes that cost $100 and up, but only between 5% and 15% on clothes that cost $5 and up. For more information, consult the ThredUp payout estimator.

3. Over 35,000 brands of clothing for women and children are accepted on ThredUp.

4. Get paid in cash or credit for shopping.


where to sell used clothes online

When it comes to selling clothes online, you might not think of an auction site like eBay.However, with over 185 million active buyers, it is still the best option for getting extra cash for just about anything in your closet, including old clothes.
In fact, an eBay commerce report indicates that Americans have an average of 36 things in their homes that they can sell on eBay for approximately $3,600. These items would otherwise be donated or thrown away.

In addition, despite the fact that eBay’s offerings range from automobiles to video game consoles, its pricing structure is extremely favorable to clothing sellers because, unlike many marketplaces, it does not charge additional fees if you sell something for more than $100.

Free is your first 100 auction-style listings. After that, each one costs $0.30.)Additionally, you only pay a fee of 10.2% on each garment’s selling price, regardless of its sale price, in addition to approximately 3% for payment processing fees.

Other features include:

1. A piece can be sold at auction or for a fixed price. You can also accept an offer from buyers.

2. Limit negotiating parameters for potential buyers by offering to Buy It Now deals or a minimum sale price.

3. You determine the cost of shipping, so you can choose to cover it yourself or have the buyer pay for it.

4. With eBay’s Global Shipping Program, you can reach people all over the world. Simply send your clothing to eBay’s domestic shipping center, and the rest will be taken care of.


where to sell used clothes online

Depop has a lot of well-known and adored brand names, but it also has some of the hottest niche fashion. As a result, it comes as no surprise that it has a large generation following. Depop is the site for you if you want to resell vintage clothing or independent brands because buyers tend to be most interested in these items.
The social app has a similar design to Instagram.

You post a picture of your products in the standard square format and caption it with a brief description of what you’re selling below. The end product is a profile page featuring grid photos of your listings and clickable hashtags that function similarly to Instagram hashtags. You can use them to classify your products for customers who are looking for particular brands, like #vintagenike or #dolcegabbana.

Other features include:

1. There is no room for negotiation because the prices of all clothing and accessories are set.

2. Depop charges a 10% commission on each sale, in addition to a 3% PayPal processing fee.

3. Posters, old books, and records are just a few of the other items you can list for sale. Almost anything is acceptable.

4. Instead of selling your products for cash, you can swap with other sellers.


There are many places to sell used clothes online. You can sell them on sites like eBay or Poshmark, or you can sell them in person at a consignment shop. There are also many other places to sell used clothes, so do some research to find the best option for you. Whatever you do, make sure you get rid of those old clothes so you can make room for new ones!